Need for Foster Homes

Home Adoption/Foster Application Contact
GRRAND has always felt that one of our strengths is the wealth of information we provide to families 
looking to adopt. We are committed to "full disclosure", telling everything we know about the dog, 
feeling it's in the best interest of both dogs and people to hold nothing back. We want new owners to be 
aware of the pros and cons of the Golden they're considering.

We get so many dogs who have no known history, i.e. the ones we've saved from being put down by 
shelters or the strays who've 'misplaced' their owners. GRRAND faces a desperate need to quickly 
learn more about them. In order to acquire this knowledge, GRRAND relies heavily on our Foster Homes 
program. It operates in much the same fashion as foster homes for children. For a period of time, our 
kennel dogs go to live with a family. What a time for learning it is! The dogs love it and the people have 
a chance to share the incomparable affection of a Golden friend.

Foster homes come in all varieties. No "one size fits all" for these great folks! Some have no other dogs, 
while others may have several pooches. Large estates or small houses, with or without children, "rich 
man, poor man, beggar man, thief (well, maybe not 'thief'), doctor, lawyer, Native American chief." The 
common ingredient they do have is heart large enough for "one more" Golden Retriever.

GRRAND works hard to provide supportive services to our foster parents. Vet care needs and expenses 
are borne by GRRAND. People with expertise in many areas stand ready to help when problems arise. 
We carefully evaluate individual needs before suggesting a foster dog to a prospective home and then 
provide an opportunity for introductions.

If you already have a Golden Retriever, or have had one previously, you know the benefits. Great 
companions, hilarious comedians, compassionate listeners, patient observers, passionate lovers---
they're also kind, forgiving, enthusiastic and always your "best friend". The dogs gain socialization, 
confidence and the TLC only a family can provide.

Please consider being a part of our Foster Program. The need is great, as we take in so many deserving 
dogs. All of them are constantly saying, "When can I leave this noisy kennel and go live with people??" 
For a Golden, "Soon" is not an acceptable answer! Call our voice mail (812-981-2251) to inquire further or 
to tell us of your interest in fostering. The Goldens thank you for your attention.

If you would like to open your home and foster a Golden, you can also click here for an application.