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GRRAND Rescue Dog of the Month
Name: Bella URGENT!!! Bella is in need of a laid back foster home right away as her current foster family is moving...

Click for more info about Bella
Age: 4.5 years
Gender: Female
What's Going On ...


Thank you Publishers Press!
We would like to give a big GRRAND Thank You to Publishers Press in Lvl. They have been so kind to work with and have helped us get the GRRAND GRROWL back out into circulation and we appreciate all they have done for GRRAND! Please visit their website at pubpress.com if you can support their business.

Triple Tails Wines are now Available!!
If you like wine - you will love the new series of GRRAND's "Triple Tail" Wines! Not only do they taste delicious, they look grreat & support GRRAND Goldens in a major way! Buy your favorite today and while you relax with enjoyment, GRRAND's Goldens will be wagging their tails with love and appreciation!
You can Purchase online at
or download the Order Form

Have you changed internet accounts, changed email addresses at home or work? GRRAND is asking that you let us know so we can update your email addresses to ensure you get the GRRAND Tails news blast, and any other info we send out to our membership. If you would like to make sure you are on our email list, and or your info is updated please send your name and new email address to: info@grrand.org and we will get it current for you. We don't want you to miss out on any events, needs or info we send out about our beautiful Goldens! Update your info today!

KROGER GIFT CARDS FOR GRRAND ARE STILL VALID! As a charitable organization headquartered in Louisville, KY., GRRAND is located in the Mid South division of Kroger stores. The Mid South divisionís charitable program has been and still is tied to the gift cards. All of the gift cards received from GRRAND are still valid and all money added to the gift cards will still benefit GRRAND no matter where in the country you use your card.
The Cincinnati division of Kroger stores has changed their charitable program to one that involves registering the memberís Kroger Plus card. GRRAND cannot participate in this program as it is located in Louisville and can only participate in the Mid South divisionís charitable program.
Many of our Cincinnati division members have been told by cashiers and customer service representatives at their Kroger stores that the program is no longer valid. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Emails have been sent to the Cincinnati division Kroger stores to educate their employees that the GRRAND Kroger gift cards are still valid. If any employee tells you it is not, tell them to load money onto the card anyway. You can report any continued erroneous information given to you if you wish to the Cincinnati gift service office at 1-800-294-4438. By providing the storeís location they can contact the store directly to advise them.
Thank you for your continued use of your Kroger gift cards! This is a very large form of fund raising for GRRAND!

Adoption Fee changes
GRRAND's average cost per dog has increased to over $1,000, and, therefore, we need to implement a new adoption fee structure effective April 1, 2012:
Dogs up to 6 years old $325
Dogs 6-7 years old $305
Dogs 8-9 years old $175
Dogs 10+ years old no fee ($50 donation requested)
Pair: $450.00

Medical Sponsors desperately needed!
Medical sponsorships are very much needed to help GRRAND cover the vet expenses related to many of our dogs conditions... For example, Goldie has had a leg amputated, and there is plenty of follow up care for her. Channing and Rusty have cancer, an are in a hospice type care in their foster homes. We are doing all we can to keep their quality of life happy and comfortable, and it is with your help and support that we can take care of all of these needy dogs! Please visit our medical sponsorship page to make a donation for these dogs.

Heartworm Preventative is a Year Round MUST!!
In the past couple of months, more than six dogs that we have rescued have turned out to be heartworm positive! With treatment, a dog's life can be saved, and, without treatment, it can lead to a dog's death. The cure is costly, and usually takes 8 weeks or more to recover. The recovery period is also very painful for the dogs, besides the fact they are having poison shot into their system, they are also not allowed any activity during this period except to go to the bathroom. All of this could be avoided by giving dogs a simple monthly pill to prevent heartworms, but many dogs are not lucky enough to receive this. Dogs get heartworms when they are bitten by an infected mosquito. The mild Winter we have had is going to make mosquitos unbearable this Spring/Summer! Remember to keep your dogs on heartworm preventative year round! Did you remember to give your dog his or her pill this month?

Red Dingo ID Tags
Your Golden will be the talk of the neighborhood sporting a beautiful Red Dingo ID tag. There are many designs and colors to choose from. Have fun creating a special tag that will complement your Goldenís personality. Sizes are available in small ($8.00 max 3 lines), medium ($10.00 max 5 lines), and large ($12.00 max 5 linesÖ this size is close to the GRRAND tag your dogs should be wearing). To view all the options, copy and paste this link: http://www.reddingo.com/tags1.htm. Red Dingo ID tags are made of stainless steel with enamel. The engraving is permanent, unlike so many other tags available on the market. Cost includes tag, color, print, engraving and shipping too!
To place an order, contact Angela Cauley at 502-494-0123, or by email at angela.cauley@yahoo.com. Checks payable to GRRAND, and you must include shipping info and info for the tag.
Angela Cauley 1110 Acorn Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45419

The economic collapse has rippled down to the pet population well beyond our expectations. Between foreclosures and families unable to financially care for their goldens, GRRAND has had dogs come in at alarming rates. Unless we find additional foster homes immediately, GRRAND could be in a position to be forced to turn away dogs, a heartbreaking choice that may have to be made. Would you consider fostering a needy golden? All these sadly displaced dogs ask for is a safe haven and loving touch until they can find their forever homes. GRRAND covers all expenses for foster dogs. You provide the love and the food. If you are willing to be a foster family, please complete the on line foster application at www.grrand.org. If you are a former GRRAND adopter, please make a note of that in the comment section at the bottom of the form

Check out the events calendar
Click on the Event Calendar tabs to the left for information on all ongoing and upcoming GRRAND events and fundraisers, including the Dorothy Lane Market program; Natural Balance Rebate offer; Kroger Card Promotion; Mark's Feed Store fundraiser; Papa Murphy's Pizza fundraiser; Trivia Night Event; and much more. There are so many easy ways to help support GRRAND!

Many thanks to each and everyone of you for your continued support of GRRAND!!!! Without you, we would not be where we are today!

We extend a GRRAND Thank You to the following sponsors of the 2012 GRRAND Affair. They supported us during this big event, now it's your turn to support their businesses!

Thank you Feeders Supply, QSR Automations, Sam Swope Auto Group, Alpha Dog, Peter & Jennifer Edwards, and Kim Korson in memory of Karl Coldeway!
PO Box 6132
Louisville, KY 40206
812-981-2251 (Louisville Metro Area)
Toll Free:
GRRAND is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501C3 rescue organization registered with the state of Kentucky.
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